Casino or Lottery: Which gives the Best Odds to Pay-out Ratio?

Long odds pay better, this is the one universal that just about everyone understands when it comes to gambling- if you’re looking to make a killing by gambling then you have a few options available to you, sports betting being a common one. But if you’re thinking of making a lot of money very fast, there are two good choices casino games or the lottery! Both have options that can land you well over a million from a single bet but neither is spectacularly likely- so which is the one you should be thinking of playing?

Well, mathematically speaking, you have a few options for how you want to evaluate this- you could look for which has the best odds and the lowest house edge so you have the best chance of winning. Or, you could consider the total jackpot and aim for the game that offers the most money, just throwing probability out the window and leaving it all to lady luck. Or maybe you want to find the middle ground, somewhere in between odds and pay-out for maximum value- in that case, check out this infographic and see what the numbers are telling us!