How to Bet on Sports for Beginners

If you are new to this "world" and still do not have accounts in betting houses, we recommend you to be guided by several criteria when choosing your first "bookie". Poker for beginners has a fundamental decision when it comes to starting your career, and is none other than choosing the right...

Best Types of Video Poker Games

Often billed as a wonderful marriage of the bright lights and graphics of slot machines with the strategy and mechanics of table poker, video poker started to become an extremely popular casino game back in the 1980s. Since then the game has stayed popular. However, with the evolution of the...

5 Essential Online Slot Machine Tips for Beginners

Slot machines are the simplest casino game available to gamers. You’ll find that there is an amazing array of games available, whether you play online or in a casino. There is no real strategy required when playing online slot machines, though it is possible to make mistakes when playing slots....

SkyBet: How to Request A Bet

All major bookmakers are starting to provide their own feature which allows their customers to make a large bet that consists of several favourable selections. Each different edition has its own perks which makes it stand out from the rest but it’s SkyBet’s RequestABet feature that reigns supreme, leading some...

Do You Make These Amateur Poker Mistakes?

Poker is a hugely popular game that millions of people play daily all around the world, both online and off. According to Statista, as of spring 2010, 22.2 million people play online poker for money. The figures increased from just 20.8 million in spring 2009, showing an increase in those...

Legislation Update: Legalizing Online Poker Sites in the USA

Even though poker is one of the most popular games online from 2011, United States has been impotent to go with the flow. It has been downgraded to the second position on land-based casinos and still fighting to become legal online in the country. However, New Jersey, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and...

The Myth Of The Cash Out Curse

This last December I did something I try to never ever do. I withdrew money from my poker bankroll to buy “stuff.” Some of it was spent on Christmas presents, some of it went towards a ski trip, some of it just kind of disappeared because I can’t for the...

Find Out What Type Of Poker Player You Are

Powered by - Poker can be a crazy game at times and is often dictated by the people at your table. Whether you’re playing poker online or at an actual table the people who are sat all around you are often the ones that will shape the game. Of course...

Your Guide to Slot Features and the top 4 type of slots

It can certainly be confusing for any new slot player to understand how slot features work and what they do. But once you get the hang of them, they are undoubtedly cool features which only enhance your game play. Below is a guide which explains all the ins and outs...
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