Wednesday, June 19, 2019



Poker Table Etiquette

I really only have one rule when I sit down at a poker table, whether live or online. And that’s to not act like a jerk. Not only is being a jerk impolite, it’s not profitable. I’ve seen people throw chips at dealers, berate players, pass out on their chips,...

How To Play Texas Hold’em

One of the most addicting things about playing Texas Hold’em is its apparent simplicity. Most people can learn the rules within a few minutes and may possibly feel as though they are good players within an hour or less. At first glance it would appear that Texas Hold’em is all...

Choosing An Online Poker Room

Often, recreational poker players assume that all of the major online poker rooms are the same. They believe that all of the poker rooms have the same types of players, similar software, identical bonuses, etc… And this is true to a certain extent. Especially for new players, it doesn’t really...
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