Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Find Out What Type Of Poker Player You Are

Poker can be a crazy game at times and is often dictated by the people at your table. Whether you’re playing poker online or at an actual table the people who are sat all around you are often the ones that will shape the game. Of course there is a question of luck in what hands you are drawn but the best players don’t count on luck and know how to play any hand and any situation.

Too often inexperienced players will get too emotionally involved in small occurrences around the table they miss the big picture… actually winning. How often have you seen it where somebody at the table is gradually increasing their bets and someone else is going toe-to-toe with them all the way and you’re pretty sure that both of them have poor hands? It happens a lot.

We decided, to make it easy for you to know exactly what type of poker player you are we’d create a quiz that will help. Let us know your results!