SkyBet: How to Request A Bet

All major bookmakers are starting to provide their own feature which allows their customers to make a large bet that consists of several favourable selections. Each different edition has its own perks which makes it stand out from the rest but it’s SkyBet’s RequestABet feature that reigns supreme, leading some punters to placing their bets as RABs rather than the traditional equivalent.

Efforts to constantly develop SkyBet’s RequestABet feature sees more markets being made available for individual sports. There’s also a wider range of existing selections which customers can freely add into their own SkyBet RABs. Although they’re massively popular to so many football fans, you need to be calculated with the selections you add in because RequestABets can’t be cashed out and all selections must win in order for your bet to be paid out as a winner.

How does Sky Bet Request A Bet work?

Based on the demand of their customers, SkyBet have looked to improve their RequestABet feature, adding any and all selections that might interest football bettors. More favourable markets include backing which side will win, both teams to score, over or under 2.5 goals, a specific player to score first or at any time, and a chosen number of booking points and corners depending on the entire match, each team, or even individual players.

Despite it being such a big part of betting, lots of punters still struggle with exactly how to request a bet. There are several ways, making it easier for those who want to back one quickly and don’t want to forget all of their specified selections. You can either ask for it to be made through contacting SkyBet on social media, find it on their app or website among the many pre-made Football RABs, or make it yourself using their Create A RequestABet feature.

What makes up a strong RequestABet?

Tracking down reliable SkyBet RABs can be daunting when you first try out the feature, as there’s so many outcomes to include and it’s never easy to determine when you’re going too far with what you’re adding in to your bet. Out of all websites, FootyAccumulators are worth checking out, as they not only provide Sky Bet Request A Bet Tips, but they also have their own RABs on the official Sky Bet app and website.

After working out how to request a bet, making your own is a massive step to take, as you need to be clever with what markets you intend on combining together. You’ll want some strong selections in your bet in terms of odds but if you have too many, your RAB will be almost impossible to land. It would be better to have a massively likely bet with short odds as, even if the returns aren’t that great, at least it will win.