Wednesday, June 19, 2019

What’s The Success story of a Poker Player?

Naoya Kihara, the first Japanese to win the world series of poker in 2012. We requested him for an interview and in which we asked him to share his success experience and tell us about his efforts which made him a remarkable name in Japan and how he managed to become a professional poker player, when in Japan it is regarded as unconventional.

In Japan they don’t prefer to play card games like poker. They have developed their own games such as Mahjong and pachinko. These games are equivalent to poker and bridges but are displayed in their own traditional manner. Naoya Kihara said he started playing the game of poker seven years ago and earned a great recognition in his country. He gave credit of his success to one of his friends who introduced him to the world of poker. According to him poker is the game of future; he told us that he started playing poker online with different players around the world.

His friend helped and taught him at every step of the game and as a result of their mutual efforts he got successful in claiming the WSOP title which was the result of his five year training. The time variations and efficiency varies between online and live poker games. While playing poker 80% of the time is regarded as the downtime and you can only play two hands at a time during a game of ten hands at the table. Whereas in online poker game you have been given the chance to compete at various tables, he currently had played nine tables. In online poker game count chips and deal cards are not counted so it makes your speed three times faster than live game.

When the business is concerned western people are not able to realize what Japanese are thinking at the moment, but poker has made it a false statement as it does not have to go with this fact, poker does not involve reading the facial expressions of the opponent, it is a science of predicting the strength of their hands. He stated poker to be a game of thinking, you have to assess the combinations of their hands the style of their bets together a high win percentage in your hand.

The world of poker is changing rapidly; day by day new strategies are being evolved. To compete with new players you have to assess and build new strategies, which means poker training continues to go around unless you stop playing the game. To be an effective poker player you must need to be patient. With my poker experience I have learned to manage pressures and over stressed situations. Poker is a game of art you have to depict the other person as everything is smooth on your hand. The reason why I have been a good poker player is my ability to control my emotions. Accepting your defeat is another major sign of being a big player.