Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Why Some Make a Living Playing Poker

You must look over both the advantages and disadvantages poker can have on your living. If it can be a source of living for you but it too comes with several disadvantages associated with it. While playing poker you have to be really patient. The same routine and following the same things each day will make you tired and will become monotonous, it can be damaging towards your interest.

Online poker can result in increased frustration as you might not get any cards on the table for several hours, also looking at the computer screen for hours and hours can be exhaustive and can drive you insane. If you opt to play poker to earn a living you must first develop a proper game plan, which is made out of extreme mental discipline. You must keep record of the hours you play each day and the profits you are earning out of it.

Before making it the only source of living, let first give it a try and look at the sustainability that you get from becoming a full time player. It will help you in analysis of the style you want to adopt in order to play and how much you are able to make on average.


  • It does not assure you of a set income every month, you might end up making loss in your earning, you should have the ability to regain your confidence and continue playing. Prepare yourself for the horrible outcomes you might end up getting.
  • It can be very tiring experience for you, so you have to be very patient, at start it will be difficult for you play really high limits, so you need to play it all day long to make it worthwhile.
  • Since you will end up playing poker most of the time, so your family will be affected. You will get less time to spend with your family.


Apart from its disadvantages the game also comes up with several advantages.

  • It gives you the freedom to select the hours of day in which you want to work (play). No one will make you bound to follow the deadlines and time span to fulfill task otherwise you will be offended.
  • Poker is one of the captivating games known around the world. Those who attempt to play this game for living have the liberty to take as many days free as they desire to. They also not have to grow through the hassle of waking up early in the morning. It will help you get an easy lifestyle which you can completely control.


  • You must have a versatile personality if you want to be successful in grounds of poker. You have to depict different personality each time you sit on the poker table.
  • Does not let a bad beat affect, you must be dedicated player even the cards are not on your way, just be patient.