How Bingo Can Be More Appealing to Younger Audiences

Bingo has gained popularity recently, and the notable fact is that the younger generation forms the majority of the active bingo players. Most young people are playing bingo in the UK alone. Sport England estimated that more than 1.9 billion people now play bingo. Much of this positive change can be attributed to online gamers who are the young generation. We are in a digital age where everyone owns devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers, and they are using them to socialize online. Bingo is known to be a social game and that is why it has recorded such an increase.

Bingo halls and casinos

Bingo halls experienced a decrease in the number of people who are playing bingo since 2012. This is changing, and although the number has not gone back up to where it was, there is a significant increase in the number and variation of players visiting bingo halls. New purpose-built bingo halls, the use of new gaming formats, and the inclusion of electronic tablets have contributed to the increase because there is improved player engagement.

The revolution of online bingo

Mintel indicated that young adults 18 to 24 years old who use smartphones to play bingo and other online games stands at 44% as compared to 32% who use a desktop. Smartphones allow players to engage in the game when indoors or even on the move. People can play on various sites using their smartphones, tablets, or desktops by connecting to the sites to socialize and win prizes.

How to keep young people engaged

The young generation will not take anything less when it comes to fun. To ensure that they are developing an interest in bingo, there are a number of things that need to be changed.

Live-streamed caller rooms

The use of young and vibrant personalities as online bingo callers can bring the bingo hall experience and replicate the excitement of the casino floor. The use of such personalities can be effective in high-definition streaming where the players can see the reactions when the numbers are called out and winners are identified to bring out the thrill of the game.

Revamp the number calls

Phrases like “two fat ladies” for 88 does not capture the interest of the young generation as much as the use of “Tinder date” for 8 and “Netflix and chill” for 69. They have not been universally accepted and the industry still has to analyze the impact of these changes in retaining both the old and new generation.

Virtual reality bingo

Just like the video gaming industry is unveiling virtual reality (VR) to offer an immersive gaming experience, playing bingo in VR could be what will take bingo to the next level in this digital era. High-definition, live-streamed bingo on smart devices and computerized online bingo rooms managed by human dealers will definitely attract more players.


Most young people these days prefer staying indoors while socializing online compared to the past where they used to hang out together in person. Online games have therefore gained popularity and any company that wants to capture the young generation has to concentrate on developing captivating online games.