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Poker Hand Rankings Explained

Poker is a very popular card game that is played across the world. Due to its relatively simplistic rules and amount of prize money available in tournaments, the game has increased in popularity. Previously, players had to visit casinos in order to compete in against other players or in tournaments. However, players are now able to play games on places such as the Betfair Casino or see the Best Poker Sites UK if you are looking for the latest UK poker sites.

Whilst playing online you’ll be competing against players from across the world who will be hoping to win some extra money. Poker is primarily a game of skill so it is likely that you will be facing against opponents with different skill levels. Despite skill being a large part of the game, there is also an element of luck as well. The best example of this is the different hand combinations. Getting a Royal Flush hand combination has odds of over 649,739/1. If an unskilled player gets this hand combination, they’ve basically got the win against the more skilled opponents.

If you are unfamiliar with poker, this infographic shows the top hands in poker and the odds of players actually achieving them.