The Strategy of Playing Online Video Poker and How This Differs to Playing Poker on the Casino Floor

Benefits of playing online video poker over the casino floor

Video poker is a fast-paced exciting game that has taken the casino world by a storm. It has quickly become one of the most popular games in the traditional land-based casinos. Now, many people find that it is even more fun to play video poker online from the comfort of their own home or even on their daily commute to work on the train.

Video Poker Strategy

Although video poker is a simple and straightforward game, players find themselves wondering what cards they should hold, and when to discard. You might want to consider the following recommendations when you decide to play poker online:

  • The first situation is when you get a low pair and one high card in your hand. You will immediately think whether to keep the low pair and go for a three of a kind, and in that case keep the high card and discard the rest to get a high and a qualifying pair or to keep the three cards and try getting two pairs. Before making the decision, you will have to know your odds for each decision.
  • If you get 3 different high cards, the best course of action is to keep two of the high cards. It does not matter which two as long as they qualify for a winning hand.
  • If you get two high cards like a jack and a Queen, for example, if the question is whether to keep both or discard them. The best course of action is to keep the two cards and discard the rest as there is a big chance you would get another Jack or Queen, which will qualify you for a win.
  • If you get a pair of aces and a flush draw, you will possibly want to keep the pair of aces or try your luck by discarding the pair of aces in favour of getting a flush. The safest course of action is to keep the pair but the best action is to go for the flush.
  • Since there are a lot of games that offer different gambling features, wild cards and paying hands, it is essential to check the rules and the paytable of the video poker game before you start playing. With that in mind, you will be better equipped with making the right decision during a game.

Basic Difference while playing Online Video Poker VS Land-Based Video Poker

Video poker is one of the most popular casino games in the world today. While the game was earlier available only at land-based casinos, with the advent of the Internet, you can find the game at online casinos and poker rooms as well. There are a lot of significant differences between playing online video poker vs. land-based video poker. In an online video poker casino, you can play as many practice games as you want before you start real video poker gambling. In a land-based casino, they won’t allow you to play video poker without wagering real money as is now the case in the video gaming industry. It is popular belief that the advantages of playing online video poker far outweigh those of playing video-poker at land-based casinos.

You Can Relax When You Play Video Poker Online

A land-based casino can be a happy experience, but the noise, crowds, smoke, and all the excitement, not to mention disagreements between players resulting in arguments and more can be a very stressful experience. All of these stress factors can interfere with your concentration and make it more difficult to win at a video poker game, unlike playing at your own home where there are limited to no interruptions at all, thus making you more able to play the right hand. In this context, playing video poker online is one of the most stress-free experiences you can have. You can play video poker from your bedroom, all you need is a computer or phone and an Internet connection. You can choose the surroundings you want for yourself during a game when you play video poker online. This kind of comfort and control you do not have in a land-based video poker game.

Your Online Video Poker Machine Is Always Available

Another advantage of online video poker vs. land-based video poker is the availability of machines. When you go to a land-based casino, you may not always get the game of your choice. Land-based video poker involves physical space, which has its own limitations. There might be a number of people wanting to play the same game as you, which means you would have to wait for your turn to come. When you play online video poker, such limitations are no longer there. Your favourite online video poker machine is always available for your video poker gambling entertainment.

It’s Easy to Switch to a New Video Poker Machine

When you play online video poker, changing from one game to another is a simple and easy task. All it requires is two mouse clicks. The first click takes you to the online casino games lobby, and the second click takes you to the online Jacks or Better video poker machine. And all of your credits travel with you, automatically. This is not the case in a land-based casino. Changing from one video poker game to another in a land-based casino can be inconvenient experience compared to the ease with which you can do so online. At a land-based casino, you first have to cash out your credits from the current game you are playing, and then take your tokens or coins to the new machine. For Example, you are tired of playing Deuces Wild and you want to play some Jacks or Better video poker. In a land-based casino, you have to cash out your credits in the Deuces Wild machine, and carry coins or tokens over to the Jacks or Better machine. It’s unwieldy, to say the least. Moreover, there is no guarantee you would get the machine immediately; if there are other players playing you would have to wait for your turn to come.

There Is No Dress Code in the Online Casino

Many people consider this the most important advantage of all. There is no dress code in the online casino. You can wear your old jeans and sweatshirt, or whatever else you feel comfortable in, while you play your online video poker games. In the online casino, you always feel at home.

Therefore, when weighing up to pros and cons of playing online video poker over the casino floor it is almost a no brainer for one to have a better chance of enjoying a poker game online than on the casino floor. Perhaps, the odd trip to Las Vegas or Monte Carlo is nice if you want a holiday but why not enjoy poker throughout the year without needing to pay for flights, accommodation and drinks.